Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Curo involved in a transport project?

B&NES Council’s Transport Strategy expresses a desire to remove the city’s reliance on the car, improve travel choice and reduce traffic and emissions. B&NES have also identified a need for better transport connections from and to Bath City Centre and the South side of the city. Curo are developing Mulberry Park in Combe Down and see this as an opportunity to seek opinion on different transport solutions.

As a large landowner on the south side of the city, there is a real opportunity to create improvements for the whole area, including helping to alleviate the city’s transport issues. As a landlord as well as developer Curo have a long term interest in the area and in local residents.

Transport is an issue in the city – we have been told this consistently by Bath residents in earlier consultations. We believe we cannot build communities with housing alone and that’s why we’re looking at better transport options to connect the south of Bath with the city centre.

Why a cable car?

Given the hilliness of the area, restricted road widths and congestion levels, the study commissioned from Arup shows that a cable car is the best option for a convenient, quick and affordable new transport system. We believe it would provide significant benefits for congestion, air quality and improved connectivity to south Bath and a new and a unique way of enjoying the city for residents and visitors.

A long list of more than 40 transport options has been assessed against the project objectives and the specific characteristics of south Bath. Further information is available in the Transport Options Report.

What route will the cable car take?

This is an in-principle consultation to see whether the city would support the idea of a cable car. No exact route has been chosen. If there is support there will be further consultation later in the year which will provide more detail about route options.

Will the cable car go over my house?

No exact route has been chosen at the moment as this is an in-principle consultation to see whether the city would support the idea of a cable car.

How big will the cars be?

Initial thoughts are that the cabins could hold approximately 80 people with room for bikes, buggies and wheelchairs but this is an in-principle consultation to see whether the city would support the idea of a cable car – more detail on the system would be provided during a later consultation.

How many towers will there be? How tall will they be?

No specific design has been identified at the moment, however, our initial analysis indicates that two towers would be needed to support the cabins and cable. If there is in-principle support for a cable car, height, route and a detailed design will be provided at a later consultation event.

Where will the stations be located?

The exact locations are not yet known, however the station in south Bath will be within the Mulberry Park area and the city centre station could be located near to Bath Spa Station, which would therefore easily integrate into the existing transport network.

What about Bath’s World Heritage Status?

There are numerous examples of urban cable cars across the world including Portland, Porto, Dubrovnik and Zurich. There is a precedent for this type of scheme – Porto had World Heritage Status before their cable car was built. UNESCO will be contacted and consulted at an appropriate time when we have enough information for them to make an informed consideration. An Environmental Impact Assessment is likely to be required to support a future planning consent, more information can be found in the Baseline Report.

How much is this going to cost? Who is paying for it?

The current business case suggests that the operation of the cable car would be self-funded through ticket sales. Institutional investors and/or transport operators would be sought to fund the infrastructure and installation if the principle of a cable car is supported.

Will Curo build and operate the cable car?

Curo will not build or operate a cable car – if planning permission is granted Curo will hand over the project to a transport operator.

What is a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO)?

A Transport and Works Act Order relates to the 1992 Transport and Works Act (TWA) which sets out the statutory consenting process for transport schemes of this type. TWAOs are decided by the Secretary of State. Click here for further information.

Where will the people who use the cable car park?

The cable car would not be a standalone project but would be integrated into the city’s wider transport network. If the process were to go ahead we would encourage and incentivise people to use public transport, walk or cycle to the cable car stations. We realise that parking is an issue throughout the city and this would be something we would liaise with B&NES and local residents about.

How do I have my say?

We’re holding a series of events throughout March, April, May and beginning of June. Click here to see a full list of upcoming exhibitions.

I can’t make any of the consultation events how can I have my say?

If you can’t attend any of the events please click here to complete an online form. This is exactly the same feedback form as people are completing at the events. All forms will be included in the evaluation regardless of whether they were filled in online or at the events.

How long will the cable car public consultation last?

When we started the South Bath Transport Options public consultation in March nobody knew that a general election was about to be called; the official campaign period has now started and Parliament has been dissolved. In order to respect the general election campaign period we have taken the decision to pause all publicity activity and consultation. We will resume our publicity from 9th June and have extended the public period so that it closes on Friday 16th June.

What happens next?

We will come back to the city later in the year with the results of this initial consultation. If there is support there will be further consultation events.

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